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The idea behind this directly correlates from the radical urban scheme of increasing greenery throughout an urban space as well as keeping the area functional. Through including many green roofs as well as trees/ shrubbery, it can increase the levels of oxygen in the air and increase mental stimulus for the residents (reducing symptoms of depressive thoughts)- It can increase the overall happiness of those visiting the area.

Moreover, Peckham seemed to lack a youthful age demographic particularly along the main road: Peckham Rye. Through adding community-based event spaces as well as brightly-coloured structures, the environment will feel more friendly. The spaces added are:

> Tennis courts/ Football pitch

> Graffiti showcase and competition

> Brightly-coloured bridges as access across rooftops

> Large park in place of an old car park (reduced in size)

> Green road along Peckham Rye

> Larger-scale residential units

> Opened entrance to the train station


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